Managed Services for IT infrastructure

Managed Services for IT infrastructureOur Managed Services are designed to enhance the maintenance, management and development of your IT infrastructure. Building and maintaining a robust infrastructure, which delivers the functionality and levels of service expected by your organisation, can be very challenging.

Our Managed Services gives you access to a team of highly-skilled IT professionals. Our team can deliver a range of services from adhoc support, right through to outsourcing some or all aspects of your IT infrastructure. We aim to plan, build, monitor and maintain the most effective core infrastructure for your organisation’s needs. We have implemented high-quality systems on our clients’ sites for many years, including some that are off-premise. This is an exciting time for developing new and more robust strategies as key technologies, like virtualisation, mature to offer completely new ways of getting things done. Our team are able to respond quickly to any problems you may experience, and notify you of potential issues that could arise within your IT infrastructure.

Our approach to the delivery and running of your infrastructure gives you the reassurance that we will constantly monitor and assess your systems and make sure that they are fully aligned with your needs. Whether you’re looking for us to manage some or all of your IT, you can rely on us to deliver exactly what you need with the minimum of fuss.

We have the extensive technical knowledge and experience you’d expect from a company that’s been providing IT services for over 15 years. Crucially, we realise that this technical know-how has to be provided in a timely, friendly and transparent manner. Our aim is to ensure we go beyond just fixing what’s broken.

Our Managed Services comprise a number of key areas as outlined here:

Our dedicated support line means that you always have an IT professional at the end of the phone, ready to assist you. Our helpdesk offers first and second line support to respond to everyday issues and our in-house specialists are on hand to provide third level support and deal with more technical issues you may be facing.

We can ensure that all the core services essential to your organisation – such as email, Internet, servers and network – are covered and protected, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining them and keeping your users happy..

Active monitoring
Every day our analysts are proactively monitoring a wide range of systems to identify potential issues before they occur. We use the best tools available to monitor the performance and health of your infrastructure. We also provide regular feedback and reports on system performance and we highlight potential concerns well in advance of them becoming a problem. You will receive regular recommendations and solutions to any areas of concern, and during our regular reviews we will collaborate with you on the best way forward.

Maintenance, patching and optimisation
In addition, we can also provide regular maintenance activities. These ensure that your environment remains in the best of health, operating optimally and providing the best possible support to you, your team and to your organisation. This includes operating system updates, third-party software updates or other routine maintenance tasks.

Outsource tasks
Every organisation has a number of repetitive essential tasks. For example monitoring and maintaining your backup environment, provisioning new network or email accounts. By adding these activities to your Managed Service, you can free up valuable internal resource, or avoid investing in specific technical training while confident in the knowledge that experts are looking after your infrastructure..

We have built a team of consultants who are available to review your infrastructure and look for areas where it can be enhanced to improve efficiency, reduce costs and continue to meet the needs of your organisation.

Our consultants work with you to understand where your business is now, where you want to be, and then develop a roadmap that outlines how to make sure you get there.

Working in partnership
Ultimately, our Managed Services are about creating a partnership with you, so we can better understand the needs of your organisation. By working together we can deliver robust, first-class services and solutions for managing your IT infrastructure.

Need some help?
If you would like to understand more about how we can help you manage your IT infrastructure, why not contact us? We’d love to hear from you.


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