A look back at February

Empty room_300This month has been really quiet in the office because pretty much everyone in the team has been out on customer sites delivering projects; I think we worked out we’re not seeing Ryan until April!! Whilst it’s great that we’re so busy, I have to admit I miss the banter when they’re not in the office.

This month Iain Collins joined us as a Consultant to help with our Managed Services. He’s fitted in well and has got up-to-speed really quickly. And this week, Stephen Penner joined to help us deliver a large on-going project around data centre consolidation.

New colleagues


Working in a growing company is exciting and it’s great welcoming new people to the business. However, it does pose the problem of where they’re going to sit. We love our offices and don’t want to move, so Jill’s been busy speaking to architects, builders and interior designers to see how we can make best use of the space, and expand where we are. This did involve ‘skip day’ where Jill and I spent the whole day throwing away lots of junk and freeing up two new rooms.

At our company kick-off last month, we heard about our ambitious plans to double our services business this year. One of the main focus areas for this will be our Managed Services. Thad has taken the reins and is currently putting a comprehensive plan together of how we can grow our Managed Services division to ensure we continue to support our clients and enhance their IT infrastructures. I was lucky enough to see the first draft of Thad’s plans and I’m so excited for the impact it will have for our customers and our business.

Dell_300This month we also waved good-bye to Andy, Martin, Toby, Dan and Adam, as they spent a few days over in Ireland with our friends at Dell. They had a really productive time discussing with various teams how we can best work together to meet the needs of our customers. And I’d like to say a special thank you to Clodagh O’Doherty at Dell, who helped to organise the whole day, and for looking after our team during their stay. She is amazing!!

As we look to March, there’s still plenty to be getting on with. From my perspective, it involves a targeted campaign in conjunction with Dell focussing on networking technologies for the education sector, and planning how I’m going to get a new website designed and built before I leave to get married in May!!


Author: Alice Cambata, Marketing Manager
Alice takes care of our brand, and supports the sales team. Before joining Foundation IT, she worked as a consultant for a number of IT and technology companies, helping to increase their brand awareness and launch new products. Alice also manages the marketing for our sister company, Foundation SP, ensuring close collaboration between both companies and their partners.


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