A look back at April

LeeApril has been fabulous for lots of reasons. As ever, the practice has been super busy. So much so that Lee worked an incredible 18 consecutive days to ensure we met the needs of our customers. For his dedication he was presented with an outstanding achievement award. Congratulations Lee, you are amazing!!

The whole company has also taken part in Insights Discovery over the last couple of weeks. Everyone had to answer an online questionnaire and the results led you to have a red, yellow, green or blue personality. We were each given an in-depth personality profile that provided an overview, and then went into more depth on your work and communication preferences. So for example, I’m primarily blue, which means that I like detail, and need to have time to think about things before reaching an informed decision. Everyone said it was a really interesting day and gained a lot from the sessions in understanding how we can better work together as a team.

Recruitment is still high on everyone’s agenda. It feels like we’ve been interviewing forever but still can’t find exceptional candidates. As I’ve said in previous posts, we like to hire slowly to ensure we find the best candidates that fit well within our team and deliver great results for our clients. I’m confident that we’ll find some great people soon.

Adam and I have spent this month getting to know one of Dell’s partners, Silver Peak, a little better. Silver Peak offers a cost-effective, enterprise-class wide area network (WAN) optimisation solution, which helps customers to move more data across greater distances whilst saving money on WAN bandwidth. We think it’s a really exciting proposition and can’t wait to finalise the details of our partnership.

Mexican1In a couple of weeks, Laura and I are getting married, and the office decided to celebrate with ‘Mexican and Purple Day’. It was a fantastic day with lots of purple cupcakes, nachos and champagne. And Laura and I were surprised with lots of gifts from our wonderful colleagues. We both felt really special and it was the perfect send off, so a huge thanks to everyone.

With the sun finally shining Q2 is looking brighter at Foundation IT. Shortly Andy will be sharing our new business strategy, which is centred on ‘managing by outcomes’. I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak preview and I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction.

Author: Alice Cambata, Marketing Manager
AliceAlice takes care of our brand, and supports the sales team. Before joining Foundation IT, she worked as a consultant for a number of IT and technology companies, helping to increase their brand awareness and launch new products. Alice also manages the marketing for our sister company, Foundation SP, ensuring close collaboration between both companies and their partners.


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