A look back at May

Wedding 1It really goes without saying that May has again been super busy at Foundation IT. With numerous on-going projects, and exciting new customers the practice has been ‘all hands to the pump’, especially since Dan, Adam, Toby, Martin, Lee and Ryan have all been off on their hols, and I’ve been away getting married!

Firstly I’d like to start by welcoming two new superstars: Craig Soutar joins our Managed Services team, and Chris Colley has joined the infrastructure practice. They’ve both hit the ground running and are already doing great things for our clients.

I feel a bit like a broken record, but Craig and Lee are again gearing up for another trip to ‘the big apple’ to help with the next stage of the data centre build. The two week trip will see both of them working long hours to ensure the project is completed with minimal disruption to our client’s operations. As always we’ll miss them both and look forward to having their happy, smiley faces back in the office!

SP logoMay also saw us announce our partnership with Silver Peak. We’re really excited about working together on opportunities, and have already discussed several areas where there is a good fit.

Our relationship with Dell continues to grow. We were surprised to hear that we’re Dell’s number 1 UK partner for EqualLogic – absolutely fantastic news!! Andy has also been busy meeting more people within Dell. Early on in the month, he was invited to dinner with some of Dell’s senior people: Marius Haas, Brian Humphries, Sam Greenblatt and Steve Holmes. You can read more about it here.

It seems that Foundation IT is stronger than ever, though with more and more people joining we have now reached our limit at Foundation Court so it’s time for a new home. Jill has been particularly busy looking for suitable space for us to continue to grow into. We’re hoping to be in our new home by the end of the summer, and no doubt there will be a house warming BBQ (weather permitting!!).

AliceAuthor: Alice Hollis, Marketing Manager
Alice takes care of our brand, and supports the sales team. Before joining Foundation IT, she worked as a consultant for a number of IT and technology companies, helping to increase their brand awareness and launch new products. Alice also manages the marketing for our sister company, Foundation SP, ensuring close collaboration between both companies and their partners.


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