A look back at June

Our team continues to grow. This month we’ve welcomed two new superstars to the practice. Andy McCartan joined our Manages Services team (though I’ve also discovered he’s a keen photographer so I’ve stolen him to help with some marketing initiatives!), and Patrick McGreevy joined as a new Project Manager. Both are already doing a fabulous job and are settling in well to the team.

Andy_200  Patrick_200
Andy McCartan                            Patrick McGreevy

I’m also super excited to announce that we have two new Business Development Executives joining us on the 15 July. We may have been searching for the last eight months, but we’re confident that we have found two ambitious graduates that are excited to join Foundation IT and grow with our company. It’s also an important part of our relationship with Dell, as Todd Schwiderski has agreed to mentor our new recruits within the Demand Generation Team. It’s great news as it means they will receive technical training on Dell’s portfolio, and learn how to take a consultative approach to speaking with our customers – NOT cold calling!!

MDSpeaking of Dell, it’s been another busy month collaborating together. Dan and I are just about to kick off a campaign with Carl Clayton to see if we can identify some joint opportunities. And we met our new Account Manager, Kasia Motel – don’t worry though, we’ve not lost Dave Duerden, he’s just moved into Dell’s Cloud Client Computing team and will be taking care of us from there. And of course, the big news is that our Managing Director Andy got to spend the evening with Michael Dell – I’ll let him tell you all about it though…..

Back to the practice, and Craig and Lee returned from New York, a little jet lagged, but mostly as heroes; over the last two weeks they’ve worked really hard, often late into the night, to ensure that phase one of the migration for our large data centre consolidation project was completed with minimal disruption to our customer. But no sooner had he returned, we waved goodbye to Lee as he’s off on a month long holiday riding his bike through Scandinavia up to the Arctic Circle.

abacus_200And finally, I don’t want our finance team to feel left out so here’s a shout out to them. Nikki and Chris do a fantastic job supporting our business but lately they have been struggling as our accounting package can’t keep up with our rapid growth. Well the good news is they are in the process of installing a new finance system so hopefully they won’t have to struggle for much longer!


Author: Alice Hollis, Marketing Manager
Alice takes care of our brand, and supports the sales team. Before joining Foundation IT, she worked as a consultant for a number of IT and technology companies, helping to increase their brand awareness and launch new products. Alice also manages the marketing for our sister company, Foundation SP, ensuring close collaboration between both companies and their partners.


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