Adam Start + RideLondon100 = AMAZING!!

It’s for Charidee mate!

“Who’s idea was this?” was almost certainly going through both our minds at 05.30am, as myself and Paul Bevis from Foundation SP were getting organised on a pavement somewhere in East London, marked as one of the official drop off locations for the RideLondon100 event we were taking part in. Mother Nature was being extremely kind to us and the other 18,000 people also mad enough to get up at silly o’clock on a Sunday, as the sky was blue and the temperature was very pleasant – the more I woke up, the more I thought we were in for a good day.

Adam and Paul getting ready for RideLondon100

Adam and Paul getting ready for RideLondon100

We had a 5 mile ride to get over to the starting complex over at the Olympic Stadium, which was the only riding we’d do that day with other cars sharing the road (as this was to be a closed road event thankfully). After queuing for what felt like an eternity to empty our bladders, we were ready to get over to the loading areas in preparation for our start – we were late for Paul’s official start time, and an hour early for mine, but the stewards were very accommodating (probably thinking “there’s always one!”) and let us join the next wave being loaded. Twenty minutes later and we were ready for the claxon, only to be told that the official timing actually started 2 miles down the road (so we were not doing 100 miles today, we were doing 107 miles in total).

Cycling past Canary Wharf at 06.30am was great – everyone was smiling, relaxed, and having the roads to ourselves was a great experience. I think I probably got a bit carried away in a couple of the tunnels we had to go through (thinking I was an F1 driver in Monaco), as I put the power down and watched my sensible colleague falling behind …. probably why he had way more left in his legs at the end of the ride that I did! As we came out of London and into Richmond Park I was a bit more sensible and started to ease into a nice pace with Paul (who frankly wasn’t breaking a sweat as he’d done an Iron Man event before), and rode well together.

Without boring you all with a blow by blow account of the next 100 miles, these were my main memories of the event;

  • Seeing that much lycra was somewhat unsettling
  • Thank heavens there was no rain – here’s a formula ….. RAIN + LONG STEEP DESCENTS + ADAM ON AERO BIKE = BLOOD AND THINGS BREAKING
  • Leith Hill hurts, a lot …. for a long time
  • Boxhill wasn’t as bad as we were expecting (relief), and the views were great
  • Energy gels get really boring to consume (next time I’m taking jam sandwiches!)
  • To the rastafarian completing the course on a single speed bike, without any proper cycling gear – we salute you. (nutter!)
  • The general public were amazing cheering us on, and coming into The Mall for the finish line was like being in the Tour de France (sort of)

We were raising money for Asthma UK (I have exercise induced asthma ironically), and I am pleased to say at the point of scribbling this blog entry, we have made £1250.00. Thank you very much to all of our friends, family, colleagues and bosses, for your donations.


If you’d like to support Adam and Paul, there’s still time. To make a donation, please visit their Virgin Money Giving page…

Congratulations Adam and Paul, you're both superstars!!

Congratulations Adam and Paul, you’re both superstars!!

Author: Adam Start, Senior Client Manager
AdamAdam is responsible for management and development of many of our key clients in Foundation IT. He has been working in the IT industry for nearly sixteen years (seven years with Foundation IT) delivering solutions that help clients to benefit from data centre technologies and end-user computing. Adam has a consultative approach to selling, has a mantra of “requirements first, technology second”, and is constantly developing his pre-sales technical skills. Technology areas of particular interest to Adam are VDI, enterprise storage, enterprise backup, and data centre fabrics.


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