Benefits of Lync 2013

Lync1. HD video conferencing

Lync 2013 delivers support for 1080p HD resolution for video conferencing so participants have a sharp, clear display. Lync 2013 uses the standard video codecs like H.264 SVC to provide compatibility across a broader range of platforms and devices, and provide greater flexibility in terms of how video is delivered.

2. Mobile apps

Microsoft has developed Lync Mobile apps for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, so Lync communications are available almost universally. The Lync Mobile apps allow users to instant message, call, or join a Lync Meeting from virtually anywhere.

3. Web app

Beyond the actual Lync client software, and the Lync mobile apps, Microsoft also introduced a Web app for Lync 2013. Users can join a Lync Meeting from Windows or Mac OS X using a Web browser, and still have access to all of the features of Lync, including HD video, VoIP (Voice over IP), instant messaging, and desktop sharing.

4. Skype federation

Lync 2013 extends communications to Skype with presence, instant messaging, and voice capabilities.

5. Office 365

Businesses not wanting to deploy their own Lync infrastructure and don’t require Enterprise Voice features can take advantage of Lync 2013 as a function of the new Office 365 offering.

6. Persistent Chat

Formerly known as group chat, this new server role has several components: PresistentChatService, PersistentChatStore, and PersistentChatComplianceStore. “Persistent” means a history of the chat session is retained, so users can jump into a chat room and get up to speed with the conversation that has already taken place. Some people suspect this could be a replacement for email distribution lists by providing a constant, updated message repository (like a wiki). The administration tools are integrated with the Lync Server control panel and include PowerShell cmdlets.

7. Presence

Presence is the core feature of Lync, which integrated with users calendars to determine what presence status they should have allowing people to know if users are available at any given time.

8. Microsoft integration

Seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products including Office, SharePoint, and Exchange

9. Lync meetings\conferencing\desktop sharing

Lync’s integration with Exchange allows users to create meetings in an Outlook calendar within seconds. After you create the meeting, it sets up a virtual conference line, the appointment is blocked out in your calendar, and the invites have been sent to the other users. When the meeting is about to begin, users just lick the join button and are ready to go. Once they joined, they can use webcams, share PowerPoint presentations, share their desktop, and a variety of other features. If you’re on the road while you need to join a meeting, use the smartphone app to directly link to a meeting.

Author: Ryan Godfrey, Infrastructure Consultant
Ryan Godfrey, Infrastructure ConsultantRyan has ten years’ experience with a broad range of skills and knowledge within the IT industry, designing and delivering projects to Foundation IT’s customers. He has been working with Microsoft Exchange from version 5 through to Exchange 2010 during this time, and more recently testing Exchange 2013.


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