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Considerations for BYOD

BYODI’ve been engaging with some clients of late who have all started to use the phrase ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD).

It’s a great concept, and your favourite search engine will produce articles from VMware, Aruba (Dell re-brand its wireless and network access control (NAC) technology), Deloitte, HP and others with a total of about 82.5 million search results returned.

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“Will it make the boat go faster?”

Ben Hunt-DavisThis week saw the joint company kick off of Foundation IT and Foundation SP. Some great presentations from people within both businesses; we ended up getting an update on what happened (and importantly) why it happened in 2012 and what’s in store for 2013.

We were also joined by an Olympic athlete in Ben Hunt-Davis (on Twitter as @OlympianBen). He is a gold medal winner in the 2000 Olympics in the men’s Coxed 8’s and is one of the best speakers I have come across. I have been privileged enough to see him present a few times now, twice last year and his ability to inspire, motivate and enthuse an audience is incredibly impressive. His book and the motto that his crew lived by in the run up to the 2000 Olympics is “Will it make the boat go faster?” It seems that this has become a catch phrase for both our businesses to use as we look to make sure that we do things better, faster, more efficiently and to the benefit of our clients.

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An inward look over the past year

Magnifying glassIt seems to be a commonly used phrase that it’s been “a tough year” (a lot of people will say it’s been used for a few consecutive ones!). It’s also been prevalent in the Government that we all have to pull together and work with each other to get through the difficult times. George Osborne has revised his estimated exit time from the recession a few times and I think I’ve decided there are two camps of people. The obvious one is that this Government is failing to deal with the issues and what I have observed in people is the weariness of hearing similar things time after time. As a population, we become tired of hearing bad news and the typical British response of Keep Calm and Carry On does seem to prevail – what does this mean? We ignore it and carry on.

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Ignore features and focus on solving pain

Ignore features and focus on solving pain“We’re pleased to say that you have successfully passed the first stages of the tender process and would like to invite you to present your solution to us…”

If you’re anything like me those words sound as horrifying as they are promising. We’ve sunk man days of effort into this. Blood, sweat and tears preparing an articulate document that (we feel) directly fits the client’s statement of requirements and it’s come down to standing in a room trying (and sometimes failing) to get across why you are the right fit and how fantastic a job you will do for them.

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Customers vs. clients

Customers vs. clientsOur Managing Director, Andy Sellers, writes a monthly company update and one of the topics from last month’s update is that of “being too nice to clients”. I’m reminded of the old saying that “the customer is always right” or that “the customer always comes first”.

I agree that this needs to change.

We are a business that works on partnership and relationship. We work with and treat our partners as an extension of our business and in turn, those clients that treat us the same way get the absolute best out of us; from a commercial and a technical level.

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