How is your storage coping with its new virtualised world?

Virtualisation is one of the biggest trends in IT infrastructure. According to a recent survey by Kroll Ontrack, nearly one-third of respondents have 75-100 percent of their current environment stored in a virtualised environment.

However, whilst virtualisation has generally lived up to its promises, with less physical infrastructure needed to support servers, desktops and applications, it has had a negative effect on storage.

As virtual machines compete for available storage resources, there is greater demand for storage arrays to have increased flexibility, performance, and integration capabilities.

So how is your storage coping with its new virtualised world?

 Toilet_300Why storage is a lot like toilet paper“Storage is like toilet paper, everyone needs it. You can either go for cheap stuff that does the job but can cause some pain, or the super soft luxury quilted one.”This saying couldn’t be closer to the truth in the storage world.We all need storage, it’s a fact. But what type you go for is the billion dollar question. Here we share what you should think about when looking at your storage requirements.Read more…  HC_300Case study: The Henley CollegeFoundation IT helps The Henley College to refresh its infrastructure using best-of-breed virtualisation technologies and a storage platform.“Foundation IT approached the tender with an excellent understanding of what it was the College actually needed, and didn’t try to make the project fit around a particular product.”
Alan Gaskin, IT and Systems Manager, The Henley CollegeRead more…
 Health_300Sign up for a free healthcheckOne of our consultants will provide a complimentary healthcheck where they will run a 30-day Foglight trial to determine how you can enhance your virtual environments and save money, whilst ensuring the rest of your infrastructure is running optimally.Foglight from Dell is an application monitoring solution that helps you to monitor and control the performance of mission-critical enterprise applications.Sign up for your free healthcheck…

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