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Automating VMware Host Config Backups

Backup Button - smBackups are an important component to any disaster recovery plan, and the majority of people religiously backup their servers. Backing up the configuration of the hosts that run your virtual environment on the other hand is not so common, this may be because you can build and deploy a host in record time but it also relies on you knowing exactly how the host is/was configured.

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The car…

Purple car“You don’t expect to buy a car with no engine.”

“It’s like buying a car and being told a steering-wheel isn’t included.”

“When I buy a car, I expect to fill it with fuel occasionally.”

The car analogy seems to fit all circumstances. Within IT, it’s used regularly to convey complex issues in simplistic terms, with varying degrees of success.

It’s lazy, often throwaway, but it can occasionally help to get to the heart of an issue by emphasising requirements, expectations or circumstances that are perceived to be illogical, unfair or just plain dumb. Both suppliers and customers use the car, internally and externally, to highlight things that they feel are wrong. Continue reading

Do you go the extra mile for your customers?

Bouquet of flowers and box of chocolatesRecently I spent time talking to Brent Maytham, Senior Network Technician at Gumley House Convent School, about the work we’ve done for them, and he was kind enough to give us a wonderful testimonial:

“Foundation IT went above and beyond the call of duty…The relationship we’ve build with Foundation IT is so valuable to our school. Their support has been outstanding and I have enjoyed working with them, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other organisations.”

It got me thinking, so many companies claim to go ‘above and beyond the call of duty’, but how many actually do? Continue reading

Managed Services for IT infrastructure

Managed Services for IT infrastructureOur Managed Services are designed to enhance the maintenance, management and development of your IT infrastructure. Building and maintaining a robust infrastructure, which delivers the functionality and levels of service expected by your organisation, can be very challenging.

Our Managed Services gives you access to a team of highly-skilled IT professionals. Our team can deliver a range of services from adhoc support, right through to outsourcing some or all aspects of your IT infrastructure. We aim to plan, build, monitor and maintain the most effective core infrastructure for your organisation’s needs. We have implemented high-quality systems on our clients’ sites for many years, including some that are off-premise. This is an exciting time for developing new and more robust strategies as key technologies, like virtualisation, mature to offer completely new ways of getting things done. Our team are able to respond quickly to any problems you may experience, and notify you of potential issues that could arise within your IT infrastructure.

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